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Official Zome

Manufacturer's site.
Online Discussion Group
An online discussion group for Zome users

Zome Geometry

2,3,5,infinity: Zome talk at Google
Paul Hildebrandt, co-inventor of Zome, talks about Zome in Google Tech Talks.
George Hart's Zome Geometry
Co-author of the definitive Zome Geometry book; advanced constructions
Zometool Polyhedra
Introduciton to polyhedra building with Zome

Zome Models

Zome Info (Korean)
collects pics from all over
Yongkwan Kim's Zome page (Korean)
has lots of pictures for ideas
Helmer Aslaksen
geometric model pics
Tom Magliery's Zome page
geometric model pics
Brian Hall
David Richter
geometric model pics
David Wang
geometric model pics and projects
Preston Nichols
geometric model pics
Susan Goldstine's Zome Models
geometric model pics
Tom and Catherine's Zome page
model pics
Using Zome parts to make "metazome" parts, which is then used to make metazome models.
Zometool night at University of Houston
model pics
A large, 10,000 piece 4-D projection.

Zome and Education

Zome in Geometry Summer camp 2002, Geometry Summer camp 2003
University of Michigan's "Geometry and the Imagination" summer program
Abstract Construction Projects and the Imagination (PDF)
Using Zome for hands-on projects for understanding abstract mathematical concepts through the use of polyhedral models and planar designs (advanced)

Zome Applications

Envisioning Particles and Interactions
A theoretical physicist envisions subatomic particle interactions with the help of Zome
Aperiodic Tiling
Quasicrystals and Aperiodic Tilings with Zome (advanced)
Zome and hand crafted wooden lamps
Zome used in design of lamps
Using the small rhombicosidodecahedron in molecular models
The Zome node is like a small rhombicosidodecahedron but with golden rectangles instead of a square
Aurodyn's HyperFrame node and strut architecture structural system
The HyperFrame node is based on a rhombic triacontahedron, which has the same directions as the Zome blue struts. Their S,M,L struts are in the golden ratio, also like the Zome blue struts.
Visualizing Electromagnetism
Zome is a general purpose modelling tool that enables visualization of electromagnetic concepts which range from models of atoms and molecules to electric transmission powerlines.

Zome and the toy industry

Zometools builds on success
Interview with Yasu Kizaki from Zome
Zometool Construction Sets Stand on Science
Interview with Paul Hildebrandt from Zome
Building Sets Teach the Language of Technology
Article includes reference to new Zome products
Paula Birch's Math Toys page
"Zome is the most versatile geometric building toy, and the best for making molecular models."


vZome Virtual Zome software
vZome is a program for building virtual Zome models
Will Ackel's Zometool Renderings
Will created CG models for the zome manuals and packagings
Japan Zome Club