Zome Explorations Ideas

Zome is also a tool for exploring other topics in science and mathematics. Here are some ideas.

quantum model

Quantum Zome

The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics dealt with research relating to quarks and the strong nuclear force. With Zome, you can explore quantum physics in your living room!


Polyhedral Universe

Before Johannes Kepler came up with the Three Laws of Planetary Motion, he proposed that the five known planets have orbits that can be described by nested Platonic Solids. With Zome, you too can explore the nesting of the Platonic Solids.


Dodecahedral Universe

Is the universe a dodecahedron? The ancient Greeks thought so, as do some modern physicists. With Zome, you can build many different dodecahedron models, and imagine you're holding the universe in your hands!



The July 2004 issue of PC Magazine has an article on nanotechnologies. It say that "nanotubes ... are one of nanotech's hottest products and are fast becoming a mini-industry in themselves". The article also describes some of the practical applications of carbon nanotubes. You can build your own nanotube model with Zome!



Many people's first introduction the the concept of a "tesseract" is from the book "A Wrinkle in Time". Did you know you can build your own model of a tesseract with Zome? This model is buildable with the Pioneer Kit or the Hyperspace Cube Kit.