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Zome is the construction set of the 21st century, taking ball-and-stick construction to its highest level. Zome kits are used in over 6000 schools to teach math, art, science and technology, and are popular with gifted education as well as homeschooling. Playing with Zome stimulates imagination and creativity. It’s pure discovery and pure fun! Plus, all Zome kits are 100% compatible with each other, so you expand your kits at any time!

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Build for Fun!
Zome allows for open ended play, and lets you build models as simple or as complex as your imagination. All Zome kits are 100% compatible with each other, so you can expand your kits at any time.
Basic Building Kits
The basic kits are great for people who want to try Zome. Includes an illustrated manual that will help you get started and give you plenty of project ideas.
Pioneer Kit
Pioneer Kit $35
This is a good kit for sampling Zome and as a starter kit for younger children just being introduced to building toys. Build simple models like a house or flower, to more complex models like a shadow of a 4-D cube. 121 pieces.
Adventurer Kit
Adventurer Kit $60
This is the best kit for beginners because it allows the creation of more complex shapes. Build an amazing array of beautiful, instructive models such as bridges, domes, crystals, even DNA structures. 242 pieces.
Mind 'n' Matter Discovery Kits
Discovery kits come with an instruction book filled with facts and activities, and uses imaginative stories and Zome models to bring history, culture, science and nature together. They are great for birthday parties and homeschooling. Each kit differs in degree of simplicity, from Easy (1) to Complex (10).
Histories and Mysteries
History and Mysteries $19
Join professor Z and his explorers as they discover the secret of the Great Crystal in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This 12-page booklet explains 4 different activities using the 35 Zome pieces included. Simplicity level is 1.
Construction Challenges
Construction Challenges $20
Join Zack Hammer in South America as he builds a truss bridge and dome-shaped homes to help villagers. This 10-page booklet explains 2 different activities using the 51 Zome pieces included. Simplicity level is 5.
Wonders of Nature
Wonders of Nature $20
Join Buzz the turquoise bee to gather nectar from flowers in the King's royal garden, and make turquoise honey. This 10-page booklet explains 3 different activities using the 59 Zome pieces included. Simplicity level is 8.
Discovery Bundle
Discovery Bundle $55
The three Discovery Kits make great gifts. Save on the whole series with this bundle for loads of fun activities and adventures. Includes History and Mysteries, Construction Challenges, and Wonders of Nature.
Beginner Kits
These beginner kits include step-by-step building instructions and are great for children who are being introduced to building. Each set contains just the pieces needed to build the shape featured on the package.
Crystal of Life
Crystal of Life $16
A regular icosahedron mimics the structure of a virus — the "crystal" of life that appears to hover between the living and pure matter. Includes step-by-step color instructions. 55 pieces.
5th Element
The 5th Element $18
According to Plato, the beautiful dodecahedron is the fifth element, after earth, air, water and fire. It’s a sunburst in a crystal! Includes step-by-step color instructions. 71 pieces.
Hyperspace Cube
Hyperspace Cube $20
Open a window into the 4th dimension. Build two possible shadows of a 4-dimensional cube. Hang it up from a monofilament line, and it appears truly animated! Includes step-by-step color instructions. 74 pieces.
Cube Madness
Cube Madness $20
3 cubes seem to spin as they explode outward in this powerful model. It paints a dazzling image of line and shape! Includes step-by-step color instructions. 83 pieces.
Alien Virus
Alien Virus $25
This “Squashed Fractal Icosahedron” structure is the form of a virus, but it’s been flattened by the extreme gravity of another world! Includes step-by-step color instructions. 123 pieces.
Beginner Bundle
Beginner Kit Bundle $90
Feed 5 hungry learners and save! If you have a group of people to buy for, this bundle can be the answer to your gift shopping. Includes Crystal of Life, The 5th Element, Hyperspace Cube, Cube Madness, and Alien Virus.
Pyramid Puzzle
Pyramid Power BrainBuster $10
This mathematical riddle is rooted in the wisdom of the Ancients! Can you build all 65 unique pyramids from these pieces? Excellent as an executive toy and for group giving! Includes color instructions, a scorecard and illustrated solutions. 37 pieces.
Advanced Building Kits
These advanced kits are excellent for large, complex models as well as for classroom use.
Greenlines Kit
Greenlines Expansion Kit $65
The Greenlines Expansion Kit expands Zome with 60 new directions to build in. Create new structures and open a world of new possibilities. Fully compatible with all Zome components. This advanced kit is designed for experienced Zome users; you should already have other Zome kits in order to use the Greenlines. Includes step-by-step color instructions. 306 pieces.
Explorer Kit
Explorer Kit $120
This is an ideal set for avid builders to explore the Platonic solids, tilings, foreshortenings, packings, and more. It makes a great gift for families, adults, teenagers, teachers and enthusiasts who enjoy building and design work. Add the Zome Lesson Plans and you're ready for homeschooling. 484 pieces.
Creator Kit
Creator Kit $240
A powerful tool for serious builders, the Creator Kit gives you enough pieces for very complex creations, big projects and educational use. Explore advance concepts and create dazzling structures from 2, 3, and higher dimensions. Excellent for classroom use when purchased with the Zome Lesson Plans. Extensive activities are also possible for homeschoolers. 968 pieces.
Advanced Math Kit
Advanced Math Kit $280
This kit is appropriate for advanced Zome builders, upper secondary and college-level students. This expanded Creator Kit includes the Greenlines Expansion Kit and more nodes to let you build in an additional 60 directions. Discover the elegance and beauty of the visually exciting structures you'll make with the full range of Zome components. The Zome Geometry Book is highly recommended with this kit. 1308 pieces.
Build to Learn!
Zome is more than just fun, it is a fully functional educational product with manuals and lesson plans. It can be used to enhance school subjects such as mathematics, geometry, science, art, and more! An advanced kit combined with lesson plans is also ideal for homeschooling.
ScienceZone Kits
Each ScienceZone kit contains the pieces to build one science project. Ideal for gifts and science fairs.
Crazy Bubbles
Crazy Bubbles Kit $18
Make a square bubble! Build basic 3-D shapes to dip into soap solution and create amazing bubbles. This kit also tells you how to make a bubble recipe using ordinary dishwashing soap, making bubble-sculpting a breeze. Makes a great gift and as an introduction to Zome. Includes step-by-step color instructions with lots of fun factoids on the science of bubbles. 72 pieces.
DNA Kit $20
Uncover the mystery of the blueprint of life as you build your own DNA molecule. It's a great gift and a fun science project, complete with suggested readings and fun factoids. Includes step-by-step color instructions and colored nodes not available in any other kit. 71 pieces.
BuckyBall Kit $30
Discover a molecule so exciting, it's the state molecule of Texas. "BuckyBall" is the nickname for a Carbon 60 molecule, a key part of carbon nanotechnology. A great science project, complete with fun facts to know and tell. Includes step-by-step color instructions. 150 pieces.
Science Bundle
ScienceZone Bundle $65
These three ScienceZone kits make great science projects and excellent gifts. Get them all in this exciting bundle and save! Includes Crazy Bubbles, DNA, and BuckyBall.
Nanotube Kit $60
Nanotubes are like stretched out and lengthened Buckyballs, developed for leading edge applications like nanowires, lasers, and nanosensors. This kit makes a great visual for professionals or an exciting project for the younger scientist. The parts in this kit are also well-suited for building models of the other carbon allotropes (graphite, diamond) and exploring some tessellations. Includes step-by-step color instructions for building a Buckyball, nanotube, and nanopill. 275 pieces.