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Zome pyramid

Featured Product: Zome

Zome is a construction set for the 21st century, taking ball-and-stick construction to its highest level. It is used in over 6000 schools to teach math, art, science and technology, and is popular with gifted education as well as homeschooling. Playing with Zome stimulates imagination and creativity. Itís pure discovery and pure fun!

Mindspark has the biggest selection of Zome products in Metro Vancouver and British Columbia!



Mindspark is proud to be a supplier of educational manipulatives to Ho Math and Chess Burnaby. Mindspark products can also be picked up from Ho Math and Chess Burnaby.

Mindspark attend shows and fairs throughout Metro Vancouver. This is your chance to talk to us in-person and try our products hands-on.


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Mindspark is a trademark of Mindspark Enterprises Inc. Zome is a registered trademark of Zometool, Inc.